5 Fitness Apps Worth Downloading

As powerful, empowered women, we are busy running the world and that sometimes makes it difficult to squeeze in a workout let alone a decent meal. 20 minutes of physical activity can make a world of a difference in energy levels, quality of sleep and general health. And to no surprise, so can food choices. So we put these five apps to the test and found they’re perfect when in a pinch and, well… when you’re not! Fun fact, they work for beginners and workout gurus alike.


Only have 5 minutes? Don’t sweat it. Sworkit lets you choose the type of workout you want and how long you want to do it. Once you do that, it tells you which exercise to do and set’s a timer so you know when to switch, rest or stop, all while showing visually showing you the perfect form. No gym, no problem. This app is meant to give you a variety of exercises on a variety of devices so you can work out from the comfort of your own home. Sworkit is so committed to health that your subscription assists their Youth Initiative in creating long-lasting, generational impact for a significantly healthier world.


If you are looking for a community of people working to get and stay healthy, this is your app. MyFitnessPal by Under Armour delivers daily inspiration via their blog, right to your mobile device. You can also follow friends and give send each other good vibes and kudos for tracking their meals, workouts and progress. It has a user-friendly food tracker that conveniently scans food items to tell you their macronutrients, calories and serving sizes. But it isn’t just for scanning. If you are out to eat, simply search the name of the restaurant for a list of their menu items to either plan for your meal ahead of time or when you get there and are deciding whether or not that slice of cheesecake is going to put you over on macros. We could honestly go on and on about this app but you’d be better off trying it for yourself.


Personal trainers are great, though for many the thought of actually having one can be intimidating. But if you could get the benefit of a personal trainer, lesser cost and a workout catered to your goal, it would be hard to pass up. Fitplan offers over 30 personal trainers and more than 50 programs designed for results, so it’s safe to say you’re destined to find one that fits your personality and goals. With detailed videos to show you each step of your program and a community of people just like you, we can’t think of a reason not to join. Still not bought in? You can try the app free for 7 days so you don’t feel locked into a subscription if it isn’t what you anticipated.

Yoga For Beginners | Mind + Body

Fitness includes mind, body and soul which is why we selected Yoga For Beginners as one of our top 5. Contrary to its name, whether you’re just starting to explore yoga or you consider yourself an advanced enthusiast, you will discover an abundant number of workouts with this app. You can fine-tune your volume settings depending on your need to hear the instruction or your desire to move with it’s relaxing sounds as well as adjust rest time, circuits or specify the music selection. You can even set reminders for yourself so you don’t forget to give yourself some much needed TLC. Lucky for you, it’s available in Google Play and iTunes.

Thrive Market

In this day and age, we are becoming more health conscious not only about what we put in our bodies but also where it came from. Thrive Market prides itself in products filterable by non-GMO, non-toxic, sustainable and organic and has over 5,000 food, home and beauty products and they are discounted from their normal retail price when purchasing through the app and opportunities for fast and free shipping. No more searching for apps that cater to your special-diet needs; keto, gluten-free, paleo, whole30 approved, you name it, they’ve got it. Perfectly easy and healthy shopping right at your fingertips.

So many options in the palm of your hand. Who knew health could be so convenient? Thanks to these apps, we here at BoyByeBody are now more empowered than ever to take control bodies. After all, we only get one.

Did we miss your favorite fitness app? Send us your suggestion, and IG your handle, so we can check them out for ourselves. We may choose to feature them in the future, all thanks to you! Xo – BBB


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