Beach-Booty Workouts Just In Time For Summer

Summer is sneaking up fast and this year’s obsession is bootylicious. We all want our best bod for the season of beaches and it can sometimes be daunting to get started. You may feel a little late in the game, but with these booty workouts, you’ll be on your way to a curvy Summer in no time. Just don’t forget your water.

The Resistance Band Butt Workout

Strong Fitness Magazine features Joy Kushner’s anytime-anywhere workout for some glutes action. All you need is a resistance band and lucky for you, they are inexpensive and conveniently portable. The routine includes eight exercises, recommended at 20 reps each for three rounds. See detailed explanations here.

In-Gym Butt and Glute Enlarger Workout

TransformationFitspo knows their way around a gym. First-timer? No worries! This step-by-step guide will give you all the deets on equipment and form 101. Take it easy and start with fewer reps if needed and get through one full round.

20 Butt Lift Exercises for a Brazilian Butt

Gym Guider has a variety of exercises using both at home and in-gym equipment. Perfect for toning your booty with muscle control throughout the entire body, you will find yourself excited about the results. These are just a few of them so make sure you check out their workout breakdown and techniques here.

J-Lo Booty Workout

Infamous for her derrière, Jennifer Lopez is #bootyinspo for any Summer body. Nicole Winhoffer shows us just how to accomplish the look on Byrdie’s featured Fit GIF workout. You’ll want to view the site for full details and form and let’s just say, this no equipment workout kicked our butts.

Christina Carlyle’s Butts and Guts Workout

Finally, someone who gets us! Christina understands the day-to-day craziness we go through between jobs, family, friends and the gym. She’s a great reference when in a jam but needing a good workout and a great butt or just in general. Make sure to bookmark Christina’s page because this is one of many booty workouts you’ll want to keep on hand.

Can you feel the burn? With how convenient these workouts are, you will be soon. Now take a break to sizzle in the sun. You deserve it.

Did we miss your favorite beach-booty workout? Send us your suggestion, and IG your handle, so we can check them out for ourselves. We may choose to feature them in the future, all thanks to you! Xo – BBB


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