Best Unknown Swimming Suit Brands

We all can think of an amazing and reliable name brand that has swimwear, but how many of us can name a swimsuit brand with the same reputation? While we love the Victoria’s Secrets, Torrids and Express’ of the world, we’re here to show some love for those brands that are dedicated to soaking up the sun. You’ll find that regardless of your style, we’ve got you covered.


Acacia by Naomi Newirth brings it back to basics with a girly twist. Think simple bikinis, plunged back one-pieces and the occasional lace. An additional perk, lightly patterned cover-ups that effortlessly move in the breeze. Finally, a modern shop for the entire family that isn’t matchy-matchy. Sizes include P, S, M, L, XL.

Zahara Swim

Customer-centric and on trend are two ways we would describe Zahara. Their Influencer program, aka Zahara Ttibe, encourage brand suggestions to stay relevant to their styles of already diverse and current swim line. An Australia born brand, they claim the beach throne and the ability to spot a “quality kini” when they see one. From what we can see, they’re worth the buzz and the bucks. Sizes include S, M, L, XL.


Owned and constructed by a powerhouse sister duo, MIKOH is a product derived from fashion and art. The line represents femininity, beauty and strength while exuding confidence for the women who wear it. And we are just as excited for their clothing line as we are their suits! You’ll catch yourself daydreaming of the perfect vacay, soon to find your cart full without even realizing it. Sizes include XS, S, M, L, XL.

San Lorenzo Bikinis

Founded in Lima, Puru, a fuse of inspiration from South America and the island of Hawaii is what San Lorenzo Bikinis was built on. Suits vary from sexy intricacies to eye-catching wetsuits, making this line a go-to for spotlight glam. Meshing surf, swim and all things sun, we can’t resist this island girl vibe. Sizes include XS, S, M, L.

Vitamin A

If you’re looking for a swim line that gives back in more ways than one, Vitamin A has you covered. They are known for their EcoLux fabric- a technically and environmentally superior luxe fabric, made from recycled nylon and give back a portion of proceeds directly to environmental organizations who help to protect our oceans. A retro 70’s inspired glamour meant for those in search of effortless, natural sexiness with that laid-back West Coast vibe. We dig it. Sizes include XS, S, M, L, XL.

Boys + Arrows

Made in Southern Cali and customized for your inner troublemaker, Boys + Arrows has made one thing vividly clear, they’re destined to be the best damn designer women’s swim + bikinis on the Planet. And they aren’t doing too shabby. The sight of these prints and styles will leave you feeling head over wedges and just wait until you wear them. Sizes include XS, S, M, L, XL.

You’ll be rockin’ an entirely new kind of tan line in these sexy kinis, but who are we kidding! Tan lines are the last thing they’ll be staring at.

Did we miss your favorite Kini brand? Send us your suggestion, and IG your handle, so we can check them out for ourselves. We may choose to feature them in the future, all thanks to you! Xo – BBB


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