Fun & Easy Ways To Stay In Shape This Summer

We’re all used to the normal weight lifting and treadmill day-to-day, but during summer there is nothing more glorious than taking in the sunshine. Consider this your guide to a fun-filled summer that will keep you fit, even during your off days. After all, girls just wanna have fun!

Go to camp

Whoever said camp is just for kids, hasn’t heard of Adult Camp! We are talking everything from tennis to obstacle courses, plus a little wine. No worries, we’ll just sweat off those calories tomorrow. Check out these suggestions from Simple Most to find your Summer happy place.

Take it to the water

Tone your arms and abs with a paddle board! There are many variations and if you don’t already own one, you can rent one from a local sporting good store for a decent price. Wanna take it up a notch? Try paddle yoga, like Bliss Paddle Yoga in San Diego, for a full body workout and extra bragging rights.

What goes up, must slide down

Have you ever imagined riding a 1000 ft long waterslide on the floatie of your choice? Sounds like a dream, right?! One of the most satisfactory things about Slide The City, a giant touring waterslide, is once you get your workout in while walking up the hill, you get to slide back down. They offer a variety of options from one slide to all-day-passes. What’s better, your booty and legs will be thanking you. Ps. Don’t forget your selfie-stick!

Take a hike – literally

For those a looking for a bit of a challenge, a good hike will do the trick. Make sure to bring along a friend and plenty of water. Do your homework to map out your trail and keep an eye out for all safety signs. There are usually trails varying from beginner to difficult, each with some awesome scenery and a damn good work out. And to top things off, you’ll sleep like the rocks you’ve accompanied all day! You can check out the American Hiking Society to find a trail and resources near you.

Get your hands (and body) dirty

Who wants to play in the water, when you can run in the mud? At Tough Mudder, you’ll be greeted with waist-high puddles, mud walls, monkey bars and more. First-timers can try the 5k or Classic and those looking for a bigger challenge can opt into Tougher Mudder or Toughest Mudder, a 12-hour experience that runs through the night! Either way, you’ll come out a hot mess and showing definition in muscles you didn’t even know you had.

Have you ever been so excited to get a workout in? Our first-hand experience would bet not. Now you can go enjoy your Summer and your bangin’ bod.

Did we miss your favorite Summer workout? Send us your suggestion, and IG your handle, so we can check them out for ourselves. We may choose to feature them in the future, all thanks to you! Xo – BBB


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