Travel Items Worth Splurging Over

A little splurge can go a long way, which is why we are sharing some of our favorite travel necessities that will change your freaking life! We know you’ve been planning this getaway forever now and as it gets closer you’ve found the devil is in the details. That’s where BoyBye comes in. While we can’t all-together remove the stresses of packing, reservations and the cranky passenger that insisted on hoarding the window seat for their emotionally sensitive cat, we can help your trip go a little smoother and more enjoyable.

Smart Birdy Jetsetter Luggage

So many of us have fallen victim to paying out the wazoo for luggage just to find what seems to be a few glorified cardboard boxes with wheels. If only there were some type of super trendy luggage, well equipped for travel and totally worth the dough… Psst. There is! Smart Birdy Wings Jetsetter Case is a stylish TSA compliant suitcase that features leather and vegan leather trim, 360 wheels, exterior laptop sleeve and is small enough to fit in most overhead bins! Don’t sweat the packing either because the dimensions allow for over 50 items including shoes, hot tools and all the necessities. You’ll want to add their 10-piece accessory pack which includes a quality Bluetooth speaker, mobile battery pack and matching clutch wristlet to name a few. Talk about luxurious AF! You’ll be asking yourself where this bag has been your whole life.

Béis Travel Fanny Pack

Who would have guessed that the 90’s would make such a strong comeback and bring the reputable fanny pack along with it? It’s legendary and now considered one of the hottest fashion trends to date. Our favorite is Béis, The Fanny Pack in translucent black or beige. Put a little pep in your step and lose the purse. Great while traveling, outings with the girls, sight-seeing, visiting attractions and all things in between. And since we are all about Girl Power, you’ll be happy to know that not only are you slaying life, you’re also supporting the Girl Up Foundation to empower and educate girls around the globe. How’s that for fanny-tastic?!

BRAVE ERA silk travel sheet

While we’re all about the comfort of a plush bed, there’s something about your at home sheets that makes your bed your happy place. Good news, now you can have the best of both worlds. BRAVE ERA’s naturally hypoallergenic sheets are temperature regulating, critter-resistant and will leave you feeling right at home. In case you’re still on the fence about it, let us just say that they’re silk sheets, and that should do the trick. Super easy to clean and light to pack, you’ll get a better nights sleep knowing exactly where those sheets have been.

Osmo Pocket Handheld Camera

There are times where carrying our tablet sized phones just isn’t convenient or ideal but the photo ops aren’t something we are willing to sacrifice. The Osmo Pocket is the perfect handheld camera with 140-minute battery life, motion stability and user-friendly settings that can be managed with the swipe or tap of a button. It’s lighter than an iPhone and takes killer photos, making your adventures truly FOMO proof.

Rowenta X-cel Steam Travel Steamer

We’ve all had that moment when we go to unpack one of our nicely folded OOTD just to find that TSA had a go at our wardrobe. That once smooth blouse you love now has wrinkles; how are you going to impress your in-laws with that. Rather than steaming it in the bathroom with the water set to scolding, grab a Rowenta steamer. It’s small enough to fit in a suitcase and conveniently allows you to use tap water and still sanitizes along the way. Ready for use in just 45 seconds so you can focus on what’s most important, your hair and make-up.


Long gone are the days where comfortable shoes come at an ugly price. Why sacrifice one for the other? Tieks Italian leather flats mold to your feet with their patent design and are available in over 60 prints! Since traveling is often exhausting, we felt compelled to add these oh-so-comfortable ballet flats to our splurge list. You can throw your rubber clogs aside and thank us later.

The Travel Bra

We all know Victoria’s real secret was where she stashed her cash but I think we can all agree that boob sweat combined with, well… anything, justifies a cry for help. Here enters The Travel Bra. Wire-free and soft, this patented bra features multiple pockets to store credit cards, cash, passports and even the earrings you forgot you were wearing. We recommend this treasure for outdoor activities, public transportation or generally anything where taking a purse seems a bit over the top.

Mejuri Travel Case

Accessories are a girl’s best friend and it goes without saying that vacations and work trips are no exception to the rule. Yet, until recently, wrapping your necklaces in foil seemed to be the only resolution for a tangled. Mejuri offers the perfect solution. This leather and suede Travel Case offers free custom monogramming for a personal touch and is small enough to fit in your purse. Six earring holes, four necklace hooks with pockets and a 0.5 x 2in ring holder should be just enough to stash your jewels.

Molton Brown Women’s Travel Luxuries Set

No more dreading the hunt for travel size toiletries and their less-than-satisfactory results. Molton Brown has an exotic travel collection that will leave you feeling more spa and less drugstore. Among the set are their best selling Gingerlily Collection body care and purifying haircare. Finally, a travel self-care kit that won’t leave you feeling robbed of moisture or money.

We needed an improvement to our travel checklist and we’re so glad to have upgraded! Now it’s your turn to indulge and take your trips from coach to first class. You’ll love it so much, you might even travel more often.

Did we miss your favorite travel splurge? Send us your suggestion, and IG your handle, so we can check them out for ourselves. We may choose to feature them in the future, all thanks to you! Xo – BBB


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